Twitter Alerts for Local Police Departments


We used your [Twilert] service to monitor specific conversations related to a criminal investigation by Homeland Security and local and state police.The offender has been arrested and charged and his website taken down and your service helped in that process!”

Twitter is a conversational tool with incredible positive benefits for society. Communication is a core feature of the advancement of knowledge in society. Twitter alerts for local police departments can help local, state, and federal law enforcement sifts through Twitters conversations to gather intel, find and store evidence, improve response time,  and even prevent future crime.

Monitor Twitter for Criminal Activity

There are many different ways to monitor Twitter activity – surely as many ways as there are to use Twitter to enable crime. You’re the expert – get inside the heads of criminals in your area and think about how they will be conversing on social media. Develop your alert strategy around a starting point, and as you continue to use a Twitter monitoring tool for your law enforcement activities, you will be able to refine the twitter alert criteria over time.

Monitor Specific Suspects on Twitter

Set up specific alerts to track the conversation of suspects by their Twitter accounts. When tracking a specific twitter account, you can get alerts sent to your email inbox whenever there is a new tweet, retweet, or mention of a suspect’s account. This enables you to store the history of a user’s tweets (even after the user deletes them).

Twitter alerts for local police departments

Get Twitter Alerts when Crimes Happen

You can monitor Twitter for crime by setting up alerts that trigger when certain hashtags or terms show up. For example, set up a twitter alert for the terms: “robbery” OR “mugging” OR “stole” in a specific geographic area that is relevant to your department or agency.

Monitor Twitter for Illicit Content

By setting up twitter alerts to trigger certain types of content and terminology, police departments can gain insight into the conversations in their geographic area that may be related to illicit activity. This includes setting up alerts for hashtags, local slang, known local criminals, and even complaints that other community members are posting about related to illicit activities.

Monitor Twitter for Gang Activity

Gang activity can be tracked on Twitter by assigning alerts to common gang terminology, specific known gang members, and related suspects. When the email alerts come to your inbox, you can archive or store those alerts in any evidence archival platform you may be using. If you have great local outreach on social media already, a local crime hashtag can be promoted amongst the community and you can set up an alert for that specific neighborhood watch hashtag.

Police Departments Use Twitter for Crime Prevention

Our twitter monitoring tool has been used by over 27,000 customers including local police departments, executive security firms, municipalities, and many more types of security services.  In one recent example, Homeland Security in coordination with local and state police utilized Twilert to monitor Twitter in a pedophilia case. We successfully helped prevent further damage to society by aiding investigators with our real-time alert system. See the article here:

Automate Twitter Alerts for Your Police Department

You may have an officer assigned to monitoring social media already. Ask them how they’re currently searching twitter for activity. If they are not currently using any tools to set up active monitoring, or they are searching Twitter for criminal activity by hand, then you will need to look into twitter monitoring software. With Twilert, we enable police departments to monitor twitter 24/7. Your team can set up alerts to monitor for nearly any activity, in any geolocation, and have those alerts sent directly to your email inbox daily, hourly, or even real time.

If you’re interested in trying out our tool – we offer a free trial. If your department needs help setting up alerts, our onboarding team can help you strategize your alert plan, and implement twitter alerts for your police department to set you up for success. Reach out to us: [email protected], or go ahead and set up your own alerts now

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