Twitter Hashtag Dataset

Do you think the Twitter Hashtag Dataset has nothing to do with businesses because it’s only designed for developers?

It’s a fact that the developers use the dataset to prepare different programs. But that doesn’t mean that the businesses can’t take advantage of the dataset. Many successful companies regularly take advantage of the Twitter hashtag dataset to make certain changes to their social media strategy.

How you can get Twitter Hashtag Dataset?

Twitter Hashtag Dataset

If you think the information provided by Twitter is enough for making an informed decision, you must be mistaken because the Twitter report comes with limited details. It means you’d have to look for something that can accommodate your needs from all aspects.

Thanks to the developers that have designed several apps to simplify things for the businesses. These apps are developed with AI and Machine Learning algorithms. So, they can grab real-time data from Twitter to help you with building a perfect social media strategy. These apps do not come for free but you can easily find them at affordable rates.

How you can take advantage of Twitter Hashtag Dataset?

Now, let’s dive into the details of how Twitter Hashtag Dataset can help with making your social media campaigns successful.

My idea concerns sentiment analysis of tweets (emotional state) for users of different states of America.
Since i am new to the twitter API i was wondering if you don’t have such a data set if i can have some pointers about how to download and save such tweets, since i need a good amount of them and with a good diversity of different states in order to produce my data-set for the analysis. Also i need to examine them with a time dimension, so i need tweets from 2016.

Lakis Karyofyllidis,Kaggle

Raw Twitter Dataset

The advanced apps collect data from Twitter’s servers and then display them to you in the form of CSV files. There is plenty of information you can find in this section. It contains information about the Tweet ID, Tweet URL, Tweet Content, Tweet Posted, Tweet Location, Tweet Language, User Bio, etc. In fact, it provides you with the entire information about a tweet or account in a single place.

No matter whether you’re willing to track your customer’s behaviour or trying to outrank your competitors, this information is going to help you a lot.

Get Videos and Images Separately

These tools can provide you with images and videos separately on a CSV file. So, you can use this information based on your needs.

Information you can get with Twitter Hashtag Dataset

dataThe Twitter Hashgat Dataset provides you with the detailed information you might need to improve your social marketing strategy.

Basic Statistics

With these tools, you can collect information about how many tweets are posted for a search term over a specific period of time. You’d also be able to find out how many people have made a contribution to that particular search term.

Top Users, Influencers, and Tweets

The hashtag dataset tools give you a detailed report of tweets that received more engagement under a specific term. The best thing about these tools is that they help you with finding the top influencers in an industry. It means you can use these tools when you’re looking for top influencers in your industry.

Other Metrics and Statistics

These tools generate a heat map to highlight the number of tweets published under a specific hashtag. It also represents the geographical location of the tweets that have a particular keyword. You can use this information to choose the area where you should market your products or services.

That’s all the necessary information about Twitter Hashtag Dataset. To read more twitter related articles, click on this link. 

Image Credit : ResearchGate