Delete Tweets by Hashtag

It gets difficult to Delete Tweets by Hashtag if you’re trying to delete an old tweet. Everyday people publish a number of tweets with certain hashtags. If you’re trying to find a tweet published with a less popular hashtag, the chances are that you’d be able to find your tweet within a few hours.

However, it’s almost impossible to find the tweets that are published with a popular hashtag. The frequent users will even find it difficult to detect those tweets in their own Twitter profiles. The interesting part is that you can use advanced methods to make it happen. Let’s take a look at these methods.

Manually Delete Tweets by Hashtag

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Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to explore all the tweets under a hashtag to find your desired tweets. It might take you an eternity to find your tweets if you considered using this method. Fortunately, you can use the Advanced Search feature of Twitter to find the tweets published with a specific hashtag. And then, you can easily Delete Tweets by Hashtag.

To delete your unwanted tweet, sign in to the Twitter account from which the tweet was sent. Navigate to your profile page, and find the tweet that you would like to remove. Hover over the tweet with your mouse. The “Delete” option will appear. Click “Delete.”

Launch the Twitter app on your mobile device or tablet, and navigate to your profile. Sometimes, this is displayed as a “Me” button. A list of your tweets will appear. Locate the tweet you want to remove, and tap on it. Tap the trash icon, and confirm that you want to delete the tweet.

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How to use Advanced Search?

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The first step towards finding tweets with a specific hashtag is to go to the Twitter Advanced Search. In this window, you can enter the specific hashtags you’re looking for. Also, don’t forget to add your Twitter handle to filter out the tweets that do not belong to your profile.

Make sure that you check the spellings before running the search otherwise, you won’t be able to find the tweets you’re looking for. Once you’ve found these tweets, you can simply Delete Tweets by Hashtag.

The problem with this method is that it’s very time-consuming. And sometimes, we fail to delete all the tweets that belong to that particular hashtag. As a result, you can’t get the results according to your expectations.

Use a Tool to Delete Tweets by Hashtag

Delete Tweets by Hashtag

The convenient way you can use to Delete Tweets by Hashtag is to use a tool. The tools can quickly find the tweets from your timeline that contain a specific hashtag. When you’re deleting tweets manually, you need to delete every tweet separately. But the tools can do this job in one go.

First of all, you need to create an account on a tool and then you need to attach it to your original Twitter account otherwise, you won’t be able to delete the tweets. After creating the account, you can enter a specific hashtag to find the tweets you want to delete. Once you’ve found the tweets, you can click on these tweets to select them. You can also use the “Select all” feature if you want to delete all the tweets with that hashtag.

After selecting the tweets, you just need to press the delete button and all the tweets will disappear from your account. Some tools are available for free but we don’t recommend using them as they can steal your personal information from your account or they can directly use your account for illegal activities. Therefore, you should search for a reliable tool before providing them with access to your account.

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