Posting Jobs on Twitter

Posting jobs on Twitter can be really frustrating if you’re doing it for the first time. Don’t get me wrong but it’s not as easy as it appears to be. If you think I’m just trying to complicate things, simply post a job on Twitter and you’d understand why I’m saying so.

After using Twitter for years, I can claim that I’m somehow familiar with how the audience interacts with different types of tweets. And most importantly, how Twitter Algorithms rank different Tweets. These are the most important things one needs to know before posting jobs on Twitter.

Do’s and Don’ts of posting jobs on Twitter

We’re going to discuss some of the important elements in this article. So, if you want to post jobs on Twitter, you must take some time to read the following information.

Build a Proper Format

The mistake many people often make is that they just add the link to the job with a small sentence. That’s not the right way to attract applicants. We know that the details of the job are available on the link you’ve added to the tweet. But the users won’t click on that link unless they’re sure about whether the job is suitable for them or not.

Therefore, you need to use the right format for your tweets when posting jobs on Twitter. First of all, you need to add an attractive title at the beginning of the tweet. It’s a fact that there aren’t any options to separate the title from the rest of the tweet. But you can use capital words when writing the title or you can use inverted commas to separate the title from the rest of the content.

There are several other methods you can use to make your job title prominent. After adding the title, you can start describing the details of the job. You need to add a brief description as you don’t have enough space to describe the job role. We recommend using the services of a creative writer who knows how to elaborate the details in just a few words. After writing the details, you can ask the applicants to click on the link to apply for the job.

Use relevant Keywords

Twitter’s ranking factors are somehow similar to the search engines. Therefore, you need to add the relevant keywords to attract the applicants that are looking for a similar job. And make sure that you use the keywords naturally otherwise, the readers will get irritated after taking a look at your tweet.

Add Hashtags

Adding relevant hashtags is the most important part of posting jobs on Twitter. The hashtags help with displaying your job post to the people who are in search of a job. However, you should avoid adding multiple hashtags to the tweet as it won’t bring you any benefits. Only one or two hashtags are enough for a tweet.

Join lists

The companies, that are concerned about posting jobs on Twitter, must consider joining several lists. It helps them with reaching out to the professionals that are expert in different categories. And it doesn’t let them waste their time.