Social Listening Statistics

Who doesn’t want to make their social media profiles successful?

But the fact is that only a few can actually make it happen.

Do you know why?

Well, these are the people who carefully follow the social listening statistics to build an effective social media marketing strategy for their brands.

Yes, it’s really important to follow the latest trends to stay ahead of others.

But how’d you figure out the trends that can bring more fruitful results compared to others?

This is where social listening statistics provide a reasonable answer to your questions.

Social Listening Statistics

We’ve prepared information about social listening statistics to help you with improving your social media strategy.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Facebook Statistics

Do you also believe that Facebook has now become an outdated platform and it doesn’t get enough attention from users?

What if we tell you that Facebook is still one of the most famous platforms among consumers and social media marketers.

No matter how far other social media platforms have gone, they haven’t yet beaten Facebook in terms of stats.

The stats show that Facebook is the primary social media platform more than 87% of marketers use to promote their services.

Similarly, more than 80% of users rely on this platform for making online purchases.

And more than 65% of the brands claim that they have more followers on Facebook than other social media platforms.

This may sound surprising but Facebook is entertaining around 2.7 million active users on a monthly basis.

Instagram Statistics

How can we forget Instagram when talking about social listening statistics?

Instagram is continuously introducing new features to stay ahead of others.

In fact, they’ve now increased their efforts because they’re competing with the most popular video marketing app TikTok.

So, it’s a clear sign that Instagram is seriously focused on fulfilling the needs of its users.

We can confidently say that Instagram is the platform that will give a tough time to Facebook in the near future.

Currently, Instagram is entertaining more than 1 billion active monthly users.

And 90% of the users claim that they have followed a brand on Twitter.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram isn’t suitable for every brand because it’s targeted towards a specific age group.

However, if you’re monitoring social listening statistics for influencer marketing, nothing can be better than Instagram because more than 80% of the marketers use this platform to find an influencer for their business.

Twitter Statistics

You cannot consider excluding Twitter from your list of social media platforms if you’re willing to grow your reputation online.

although Twitter has seen a serious decline over the past 2 quarters, it’s still one of the most powerful platforms for growing your brand.

The social listening statistics show that Twitter is entertaining around 350 million users every month.

Compared to any other platform, Twitter provides much better results for social media advertisements.

Moreover, the brands claim that they get a better engagement rate on Twitter than any other platform.

Therefore, you must include it in your plan when building your social marketing strategy.