Remove Twitter Account

Do you know you need to remove Twitter Account if you aren’t willing to use it anymore?

Most of the people create an account on Twitter after learning the amazing benefits of this platform.

But when they start using it, they don’t find it quite interesting and they decide to stop visiting the platform.

Sometimes, the people create business accounts on Twitter but stop using the account if the business fails.

Most of them believe that it doesn’t make a difference whether they remove the Twitter account or not.

But the fact is it can create massive problems for you in the future.

Why you should remove Twitter account?

Your twitter account is basically an asset you’ve created online.

No matter whether you have any followers or not, your account is at risk when it’s not active.

The hackers are actively looking for accounts that have been inactive for a long time.

They use these accounts to perform several scams online.

Yes, it may be quite surprising for a few people because we usually think that Twitter is a safe platform.

And without any doubt, it’s a safe platform that protects your private information from wrong usage.

But if you haven’t activated the proper security protocol, your account can easily be hacked especially if you’ve stopped using it for a while.

What’s the purpose of removing the account?

If you’re just willing to change your email, username, or password, you won’t have to remove Twitter account at all.

Twitter enables you to change your personal information whenever you want.

You just need to go to settings, answer the security question, make the required changes, and then provide your password to complete the process.

Twitter will send you an email once your account settings are changed and you’d continue using your account with the updated settings.

In simple words, there is no need to delete your existing account if you’re just planning to update your personal information.

How to Remove Twitter Account?

The process of removing the account isn’t quite difficult.

No matter whether you’re on laptop, Android, or iOS, you can remove your account within a few steps.

You need to click on your profile picture and then open the “Settings and Privacy” tab.

Here you’d find all the information related to your account.

Now, scroll down to the “Deactivate your Account” tab and then click/tap on it.

As soon as you click this button, the account deactivation information will be displayed on your screen.

Make sure that you read this information before moving ahead as it will guide you about what would happen once you’ve deactivated the account.

After reading this information, you can enter your password and click on the Deactivate account button to remove Twitter account.

Now, if you realized after a few days that deleting your Twitter account was a mistake, you won’t have to contact the support to get your account back.

You can simply enter your username and password on the Login page and you’d automatically login to your account.

But if you’re permanently willing to remove the account, you should avoid logging into your account for the next 30 days because you have a 30-days time period to get your account back.