Sprinklr is a modern marketing tool that provides you with the power to welcome your customers on the modern channels of their choice. The tool is particularly designed for companies that want to provide an immaculate customer experience to their users. Today’s customers have become far more intelligent.

The stats show that the customers have already said goodbye to those companies that are using those old and outdated methods to reach out to their customers. The customers are now paying attention to companies that interact with them in real-time and that can provide them with the best solution based on their personal needs.


It’s not possible for the brands to stay active on all the modern channels at the same time. They’d have to hire a huge workforce to make that happen. And that’s going to be really expensive. But Sprinklr solves this problem for you at very reasonable rates. It gives you the opportunity to stay ahead of others so you may treat your customers the way you want.

Cool Features of Sprinklr

Sprinklr is a privately held New York City-based software company that develops a SaaS customer experience management (CXM) platform.[2] The company’s software, also called Sprinklr, utilizes artificial intelligence, and combines different applications for social media marketingsocial advertisingcontent managementcollaborationemployee advocacy, customer care, social media research and social media monitoring.


Let’s take a look at some cool features of Sprinklr to give you an overview of how this tool can take your business to the next level.

Generate More Sales with Better Content

You must be generating plenty of content every day to provide a great experience to your customers. But how would you figure out if the content is actually adding value to your customers’ lives or not? This is where Sprinklr makes your lives easier by providing you with AI-powered insights on what thoughts your customers and prospects have about your brand.

You can even monitor the strategies of your competitors with this tool. This tool enables you to identify the high-performing content that you’ve already produced. It means you won’t have to spend more money on generating new content. You can simply promote that particular piece of content to get better attention.

This tool comes with several features that convince your advocates, customers, influencers, and employees to generate and promote more compelling content.

Reduce Content Production Costs

Automated workflows, milestone tracking, and agile boards are the amazing features of this tool that take care of content production and campaign planning on your behalf. The unified calendar gives you the opportunity to bring your teams towards a single collaborative platform. The contextual collaboration plays a vital role in boosting the productivity of your employees.

Understand your Customers Needs

This AI-powered tool has the ability to convert unstructured comments from your customers into structured actionable insights. With this feature, you get to know what customers are expecting from you. Thus, you can build an informed and more effective campaign based on your customers’ desires.

Personalized Advertising

Personalized Advertising is a remarkable feature of this tool that generates a unique template for each customer based on their personal preferences. This is what customers are expecting from the brands these days. It will ultimately improve your conversion rate over time.

Modern Engagement

It gets easy to interact with your customers when you’re using an AI-powered tool like Sprinklr. This tool immediately responds to the customers when they’re talking about your brand. The best thing about Sprinklr is that it sends a personalized message to every customer based on their queries. We bet you can make your customers happier if you organize your marketing campaigns with this tool.