Tweet Tool

Do you think the Tweet tool is all about scheduling tweets and it has nothing to do with the rest of the marketing campaign?

Well, that’s a reason why many people are reluctant to invest in a Twitter marketing tool. We bet your thoughts will be ultimately changed once you’ve gone through this post. The purpose of writing this post is to address the misconceptions that many people have about the Tweet tool.

You’d be surprised to know that the marketing tool can take care of your entire marketing campaign. Thus, it provides you with the freedom to manage other tasks respectively.

Understanding the Features of Tweet Tool

We recommend understanding the features of the Tweet tool before you consider choosing a tool for your organization. We’re pretty sure that you’d be able to choose the perfect tool for your company after reading the following information.


Scheduling is obviously the most important feature of the marketing tools that helps you with setting up a schedule for your tweets. You must be thinking why should we invest in an additional tool when is already providing this service for free.

Well, the Twitter marketing tool is not only designed to schedule the tweets but it also suggests the best time for publishing your tweets. The tool goes through the pattern of your followers for a specific period of time. And then it suggests the ideal time for your tweets based on the engagement of your followers at different times of the day.

So, the Tweet tool is still one step ahead of Twitter scheduling and that’s the reason why a number of companies are using these tools to boost their user engagement on Twitter.

Automated Response

Automated Response is another remarkable feature of the Tweet tool that makes it mandatory for today’s businesses. We know you can’t respond to your followers throughout the day. You’d have to hire at least 3-4 employees to respond to the followers throughout the day.

But it still doesn’t work well because these employees won’t come on Weekends. So, who will take care of the responses on Weekends and other holidays? That’s where the Tweet tool gives you the opportunity to provide an automated response to the users.

Some of these tools are designed with AI techniques. So, these tools directly address the users while responding to their messages rather than saying Hey, there! or Hello Sir!. It leaves a great impression on the users and they think that they are communicating to the human.

Powerful Hashtags

You must have a habit of using hashtags in your tweets. But how would you figure out if these hashtags will generate results according to your requirements or not? Yes, you’re right. The Tweet tool is going to solve this problem for you. Whenever you search for a hashtag on a tool, it provides with a detailed analysis of how that hashtag performed at different times of the year. So, you can build your campaign based on the reports generated by the marketing tools.

If you’re still confused about choosing a tool for your Twitter account, we’re here to solve your problem. Just send us a message and get your problem resolved as soon as possible.