Search Political Candidates Old Tweets

So, you want help with How to Search Political Candidates Old Tweets?

We know that political candidates often make false claims when they’re willing to win a huge fan following through social media. No matter whether they are in power or in opposition, the political candidates always make several statements to defame their competitors.

We all know it’s a part of politics. And they won’t be able to build a better position in politics if they started appreciating the efforts of their competitors. However, being a citizen of a country, it’s our responsibility to expose these politicians when they go against their claims as it will help with improving our country’s future.

How to Search Political Candidates Old Tweets?

The best part is that we can now easily expose these politicians if we know how to search political candidates old tweets. The purpose of writing this article is to share the methods you can use to search politician tweets even after years. Many professional journalists are already using these methods to search political candidates old tweets. So, let’s dive into the details of how you can use these methods for your benefit.

Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter Advanced Search is an effective method you can use to search political candidates old tweets. All you need to do is go to the Twitter Advanced Search. Now, enter the username of the person whose tweets you’re trying to explore. You can also select the dates if you have an idea of when they Tweet was published. Now, you can click on the Search button to see your desired results.

If you don’t have any idea of when the tweet was published, you can add a few words that were used in that particular tweet. It’s the common method that anyone can use to search political candidates old tweets. However, there are some advanced methods that can be used in this regard.

Use search operators

Many Twitter users don’t know but Twitter offers several opportunities for users are looking for a specific term or a tweet on Twitter. The search operators are the perfect option for users that want to search candidate tweets after a few years.

Here is the basic operator you can use to find your desired tweets:

“from:username” “since:yyyy-mm-dd” “until:yyyy-mm-dd”

In this operator, you need to enter the Twitter handle of that politician and enter the dates to see the results for a specific time.

Use an efficient Tool

If you’re a journalist who always wants to search Political Candidates Old Tweets, you must consider using a tool that is designed for this purpose. There are many tools that can help you with checking out the old tweets of the politicians. These tools are not only designed to discover the old tweets of politicians but you can use them to explore the old tweets of any Twitter user whenever you want.

Usually, these tools charge you a specific amount of money for providing their services. So, you must check their pricing details before you consider using their service to search Political Candidates old Tweets.