Twitter Archive

Among the essential features of Twitter is the Twitter Archive – allowing users to download the entire index of all the sent tweets from their profile.

Your Twitter account usually includes numerous important data, including your tweets (videos, pictures, polls, etc.), private and public lists, direct messages, and favorites. However, the account archive of your Twitter may only contain partial tweet details. No lists, favorites, and direct messages.

This feature is specifically useful and beneficial if you’ve accidentally deleted a tweet and want to return it in your post. Once you request for your old tweets, a link will be sent to a zip file including an archive which you can view with the use of a standard browser. The archive has all the tweets you have created which are arranged by date and can search through your old tweets.

twitter-archiveAccessing your Twitter Archive

First, go to the “Settings’ tab” in your Twitter settings and then click the “Request your archive.” When the download has been requested, confirm Twitter that it has received your request. Open your confirmation email and unzip the file. You are now ready to navigate your page details!

Your archive usually includes all the tweets and retweets you have published and generated since your first Twitter interaction, the ability to search your tweet archives through specific phrases, usernames, keywords, or hashtags, and a lot more.

Browsing Your Own Twitter Archive

Your Twitter Archive is usually available in CSV and HTML formats. For HTML version, all you need to do is open the folder you’ve extracted and then double click the index.html file.

The right of the page displays several graphs, one for every year since you start engaging in Twitter. This allows you to navigate and see the tweets you posted in a certain month. When you click over a graph bar, a popup will show the number of tweets produced. Hover your mouse over the bar to search through the tweets for a month. Here’s a video

It is also possible for you to browse your tweet archive using the main website of Twitter. However, you will only find here your own tweets and not that of other users’ tweets. To do this, simply key in one or more keywords in the search bar at the page’s top. Hit the enter button, and then you will see matching tweets with the highlighted search word.

Viewing Your Twitter archive by month and year

It is recommended to use a web browser if you want to take a look at your Twitter archive. Doing so won’t require you to use an internet connection. All the important files have been downloaded and can be accessed in the main file. By double-clicking the index.html, a new window will be opened in the default web browser. Here, you can search through the months and years as well as view all the tweets you’ve sent.

Though, this method is just a suggestion since you can find other ways to view your Twitter archive by month and year. This procedure is clean and straightforward and even displays the total number of tweets you sent in a certain month. For instance, your account says that you’ve garnered a total of 300 tweets in April alone.


When you consider these options, it is way easier than you think to get your complete archive of Tweets. If you’re interested in searching your old tweets with a navigator tool, consider our Free Old Tweets tool which allows you to simply search your old tweets, and create filters by dates, reply type, or retweet type. Zero configuration or setup.