Awario is the perfect social monitoring solution for brands that want to grow faster on the Internet. Gone are the days when brands used to build an amazing reputation on the internet within a few days.

The rise of competition on social platforms has made things a lot difficult for the brands.

Now, the brands need to implement several techniques to grow their presence on the internet. It may take an eternity to achieve your desired results if you aren’t using the most effective methods.

Thanks to social monitoring tools like Awario that are facilitating the brands that want to monitor their performance regularly on the internet.

Awario enables you to monitor tons of websites along with social platforms, blogs, and forums.

Thus, you won’t miss any potential client and you’d be able to engage with all the users in real-time.


What Is Awario?

Awario is a social media monitoring and listening tool designed to help individuals and businesses discover conversations about their brands, products, or services so they can monitor the discussions, know the public’s prevailing sentiments, and monitor the trends.



Awario Features

24/7 Social Listening and Monitoring

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Social Media Analytics

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Social Sentiment Analysis

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Multiple Languages and GeoLocation Tracking

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Social Selling

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Boolean Search and Social Monitoring Query Engine

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White Label Reports


4 Amazing, Great use cases of Awario Social Monitoring Tool

Here is the information about the different use cases of Awario so you may make an informed purchasing decision.

Grow Brand Awareness

Your potential customers can be found anywhere on the internet and you can’t stay active on these platforms all the time.

In this situation, the Social Monitoring tools get the job done by keeping an eye on the mentions that are taking place all over the web.

So, whenever you receive a notification about a mention, you just need to visit that platform and engage in conversation with the users that are talking about your brand.

It usually takes a few minutes to get in touch with these users. The chances of getting a new customer are increased when you respond to their messages in a quick manner.

You can simply answer the questions they have about your services. And then you can bring them to the platforms where you’re providing your services officially.

Research your market

monitoting under awario

If you’re manually monitoring your target customers on social platforms, you’d miss a lot of valuable opportunities. The social monitoring tools like Awario give you an insight into what users are looking for over the internet. Thus, you can easily address the needs of your customers rather than wasting time on useless campaigns.

Find Sales Opportunities

Sometimes, the users just need an answer to different questions before buying a service. So, if you reached out to them in real-time, you’d have better chances of growing your sales. Awario makes it happen by sending immediate alerts when a customer is talking about your brand or industry on an online platform.

Reach out to Influencers

The influencers also help with growing your brand’s reputation on different platforms. But choosing the most efficient influencers can be really tricky. You’d have to carry out in-depth research to find the influencers in your industry. On the other hand, social monitoring tools provide you with all the details about influencers within a few seconds. Thus, you can make the most of your investment.


10 Types of Sites You can Monitor with Awario

  • Monitor Twitter
  • Facebook Monitoring
  • Reddit Tracking
  • Youtube Monitoring
  • Instagram Monitoring
  • Blog Alerts and Blog monitoring
  • Forum Monitoring
  • News Monitoring
  • Monitor Nearly any website


Awario Reviews

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Awario Alternatives

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Brand24 Alternative

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Mention Alternative

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Google Alerts Alternative

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Awario Pricing Plans and Awario Coupon Codes

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Awario has 3 different pricing plans to accommodate the needs of different businesses. If you’re a startup, you can go for the starter plan that allows you to monitor 3 topics respectively. The pro plan is designed for small and medium-sized businesses that want to monitor the performance of their brand and competitors. At a price of $89/mo, you can easily monitor 15 topics.

However, if you want to monitor a massive number of topics, you must choose the Enterprise plan that costs around $299/mo. This plan is perfect for bigger brands and social media marketing agencies that are handling multiple projects at a time.

Which is why we have resource other important topics to help you out with a better understanding. Click here to read more. 

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