Brand24 is one of the most popular names in the league of social media monitoring tools. The tool has been around for years and a number of big companies are using this tool to monitor their social media presence.

Why Brand24 is so popular?

The reason why this tool is so popular among others is that it’s being managed by industry experts. That’s why the customers put their trust in this tool. Another reason why their customer base is continuously growing is that they are offering a trial version for free. It gives an opportunity to the users to test their services before making a purchase.

The users really love this feature because there are only a few tools offering this opportunity. The beauty of Brand24 is that it’s offering some amazing features that aren’t available in other tools. The best thing about this tool’s organizers is that they’re consistently working on improving this tool.

They’re always ready to adopt new technologies because they want to stay ahead of others in the industry. It means the tool can also give you the opportunity to beat your competitors.

Significant Features of Brand24

Here are a few important features of Brand24 that will give you an idea of how this tool can help you at different stages.

Protect your Online Reputation

Building an online reputation is the major concern of every brand these days. This is where Brand24 appears to be helpful. It gives you the opportunity to stay aware of the positive comments from your brand ambassadors. Most importantly, it enables you to respond to dissatisfied customers before the things get out of your hand.

You must be thinking these features are also available in other social monitoring tools then why should we use Brand24? The unique thing about this tool is that it provides you with Automated sentiment analysis. It means you can easily identify the positive and negative comments of your customers without even reading them in full.

The positive words are highlighted in green while the negative ones are highlighted in red color. So, you can immediately respond to comments that are more important than others. Moreover, it sends you instant alerts for negative mentions. Thus, you can actively protect your online reputation.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Brand24 is not just limited to social media mentions. It enables you to track the comments on news sites, blogs, and online reviews as well. If a customer doesn’t like something about your service, you need to make certain changes so you may satisfy your customers in the future. And you can also send a message to that angry customer once you’ve made changes according to their requirements.

In fact, you can also improve customer satisfaction by responding to positive comments actively on social media and other platforms.

Measure your Marketing Efforts

What’s the purpose of making those day to day efforts when you don’t have any idea of whether they’re bringing any positive results or not? Don’t worry, because Brand24 has now got you covered. It sends you automated reports of marketing efforts on a daily/weekly basis. Thus, you can change your future strategies based on these analytics.