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Do you think that hashtag tracking is one of the most complicated tasks in Twitter marketing?

You must be using some old and outdated methods for this purpose because Hashtag tracking has become a lot easier and convenient these days. The purpose of writing this post is to share some thoughts on how you can track hashtags without wasting your time. The expert marketers know that Twitter is a huge marketplace where you can find endless opportunities for growth if you use the right techniques.

different hashtagsMany people waste a lot of time when they track hashtags manually. There is no doubt that hashtag Tracking is one of the most important elements for the Twitter marketing campaign. But if you’re wasting your entire day tracking different hashtags, you need to change your strategy because there are tons of other options you need to explore.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the details of how you can make this process simple and smooth.

With our hashtag and keyword monitoring tool, you can learn how to count tweets with hashtag and analyze its overall impression. Get to know about active users and influencers and come up with engaging content.

You can count hashtag mentions, track hashtag usage, and determine how far your tweet got to travel. We also provide top tweets, links, and the list of other popular hashtags to help you understand what’s in and what’s not.


Set Alert for Hashtags

hashtag tracking

Setting an alert for a hashtag is an effective way you can use to reduce the time you usually spend monitoring the performance of a hashtag. You can either use Twitter’s internal features to set alerts for the hashtags or you can use the tools to make your marketing campaign more effective.

Based on our experience, the external tools can save you a lot of time as compared to Twitter’s internal hashtag tracking feature. These tools do not only help you with tracking the performance of different hashtags but they also help with improving your marketing campaign in several other ways. Some of the tools aren’t just limited to Twitter but they also show you the reports of other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re running a small business, you can consider using Twitter’s internal hashtag tracking feature. But if you’re concerned about boosting the growth of your business, we recommend using a reliable tool to regularly monitor the performance of different hashtags.

Best Hashtag Tracking tools

Now, let’s take a look at the tools you can use to track hashtags. Some tools are available for free while others charge a monthly fee based on the services you’ve chosen.


TalkWalker is a free tool that gives you the flexibility to monitor the performance of different hashtags on your phone. You can either visit their website to explore the recent alerts or you can install the app in your phone to stay updated about the hashtags throughout the day. This tool also enables you to compare multiple hashtags so you may find the right ones for your tweets.


hashtagifyHashtagify is a great tool for those who want to track hashtags on Twitter and Instagram at the same time. It’s a paid tool but it comes with some amazing features that can make your Twitter marketing campaign as crazy as hell. The automated Twitter alerts help with making certain changes based on the recent trends.


Brand24 is also a big name in this industry. This tool is not just limited to hashtag tracking but it can do a lot more for you. This tool is basically used for social monitoring but it can also accommodate your needs of tracking hashtag more effectively.




So these were some of the hashtag tracking tools that one can use to track hashtags as per their desire. To read more of such interesting post, click on this link here.

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