Twitter Follower Check

Want to maintain the reputation of your Twitter? Well, you should start carrying the Twitter Follower Check on a regular basis.

Usually, it’s important for business accounts because normal users don’t need to be worried about building a reputation. The reason why businesses should take it seriously is that it can limit their progress in certain areas. No matter whether it’s about boosting your presence or growing your sales, your followers make a huge impact on your social media reputation.

If you think that the increased number of followers is the only element for growing your sales, you must be mistaken. Sometimes, you need to kick out the inactive followers stay in the industry. That’s why we recommend carrying out a detailed Twitter Follower Check every month or maybe on a quarterly basis.

It helps with identifying the followers that are becoming a threat to your business. If you didn’t remove those followers from your list, you’d experience a significant decline in your sales.

How to Carry out Twitter Follower Check?

We hope you’ve now understood the importance of checking your followers regularly. So, we should now dive into the details of how you can carry out a detailed Twitter Follower Check.

Create a List of Active Followers

First of all, you need to create a list of active followers who regularly like/retweet your tweets and post comments under your tweets. Sometimes, the followers interact with your tweets after a few weeks. You should keep them in the list of active followers because they’ve at least given proof of their presence.

The reason why we recommend creating this list is that it helps with identifying the inactive followers quickly and efficiently. If you haven’t created this list, you’d have to spend hours to find the inactive followers. And sometimes, you’d kick out the followers that weren’t supposed to be kicked out.

Visit the profiles of Inactive Followers

After finding the names of inactive followers, you should start exploring their profiles. What usually happens is that your posts do not appear on the timelines of the users when they don’t show interest in your posts for a few days. You need to find out whether they’re completely inactive on Twitter or they’re just inactive on your profile.

Now, start removing the followers that are completely inactive on Twitter. And then go one step ahead to carry out the Twitter Follower Check. At this step, you need to send them the message and see if they’re still interested in maintaining a connection. If they do not show any interest, you should remove them from your list.

Start Using a Tool

You must start using a reliable tool to carry out the Twitter follower check. It reduced the burden from your shoulders allowing you to boost your productivity. The tools regularly check the status of your followers to keep you informed about which followers are getting inactive.

You can then build a strategy to bring those followers back because kicking them out isn’t an ideal option. You should keep it as a last resort because it’s pretty difficult to get new followers.