Twitter Account Analysis

If you’re experiencing a decrease in your Twitter Account’s performance, you need to conduct the Twitter Account Analysis as soon as possible. Some minor changes in the user engagement rate do not make a huge impact on your overall performance. But if the user engagement is continually going down, you need to deal with it or get ready for a huge disaster.

In fact, we recommend carrying out the analysis every few months as it keeps you ahead of your competitors all the time. Moreover, it also enables you to keep your customers satisfied. These are the most important elements for any business’s growth on Twitter.

How to Carry out a Twitter Account Analysis?

Let’s take a look at some valuable tips you can use to conduct the Twitter Account Analysis.

The Account Analysis Tool helps people to analyze Twitter accounts themselves. Without the need to install anything or learn how the Twitter API works. Just open the tool in your browser (desktop works best), login with your Twitter account (read-only oAuth) and enter the account you want to analyze.

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Twitter Account Analysis

Check the Bio

Usually, organizations hire expert marketers just for analyzing their accounts. In this situation, you should start by taking a look at the Twitter Account Bio. You need to find out if the Bio is designed according to the average length or not. Similarly, you should find out if the target keywords are properly placed within the bio or not. Sometimes, the companies are trying to manipulate the system by using multiple keywords unnaturally.

You need to tell them that it’s not going to work. In fact, it can damage their position if they continued with it. So, you should eliminate all these things from the Bio if there are any. And try to create a professional bio for them.

User Engagement

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Now, you need to take a look at when the user-engagement started dropping. Usually, the administration will tell you about the time when they started experiencing the decrease. But you should also carry out your own research to find the exact cause of the decrease.

It’s considered to be the most important part of Twitter Account Analysis as it enables you to figure out the root cause of the problem the account owner is facing.

Quality of Hashtags

The quality of hashtags also defines the success of a Twitter account. If you’re using the most suitable hashtags in your tweets, you can expect to enjoy results according to your needs. The quality of hashtags can be determined by taking a look at how many times that particular hashtag is used on Twitter. During the Twitter Account Analysis, you need to find out how many hashtags your client is using in their tweets.

If they’re using multiple hashtags in every tweet, you need to stop them from doing it. And ask them to use only 2 hashtags with every tweet. Also, check a few tweets to find out if the content of those tweets is suitable for the hashtag or not.

Choose the Right Time for Tweets

tweet reportsTwitter Account Analysis can also be used to choose the right time for your tweets. You need to check the results for the past few weeks to see when users show more engagement with the tweets. After checking the reports of a few weeks, you’d be able to choose the perfect time for your tweets.

Twitter Account Analysis takes a deep toll on what you understand and how you understand the account analytics system up on Twitter. Its inbuilt sub layout does work wonders to help out in checking up tweets from a different account. If you want to learn more about this type of topics, click on this link here. 

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