Twitter Follow History

It’s quite easy to check the total numbers of followers on your Twitter profile, right?

But how would you identify the followers that are following you since the beginning?

The fact is that you can’t access Twitter Follow History using your Twitter account because Twitter doesn’t offer any such facility.

But there are tools that can be used to find the followers that are following you for quite a long time.

These tools provide you with a detailed report of the followers that joined you at a certain period of time.

Companies usually consider using these tools when they need to build a better relationship with their old followers.

It’s really important to stay in touch with these followers as they can play a vital role in promoting your products/services for free.

How to Use Twitter Follow History?

In this article, we’re going to describe the advantages of monitoring Twitter follow history.

So, without wasting any time, let’s jump right into it.

Improve Engagement

The businesses are usually busy attracting new followers and they forget to maintain better engagement with the regular followers.

The competitors take advantage of this weakness and drag the followers away from your services.

In simple words, your efforts of attracting new customers are completely useless if you aren’t building better engagement with the existing followers.

Twitter Follow History is the best option for keeping an eye on followers that are following you for a long time.

It also enables you to point out the followers that regularly engage with your tweets.

Thus, you won’t waste your time running after the followers that aren’t even adding any value to your business.

Remove the Unfollowers

Your profile page gives you an idea that a number of people have unfollowed you over a certain period of time.

But you can’t find out the accounts that unfollowed you during this time.

This is where Twitter Follow History appears to be helpful.

Using this data, you can easily identify the accounts that left the journey in the middle of the way.

You can unfollow these accounts if you followed them earlier because they can’t bring you any benefit.

The best part is that you won’t have to unfollow these accounts one by one because many tools that provide Twitter follow history are usually equipped with features that can be used to unfollow the accounts with just a single click.

Monitor your Progress

Another reason why you should regularly check the Twitter follow history is that it helps you with monitoring your progress on Twitter.

The tools enable you to customize the data according to your preferences.

You can open the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly charts to compare your current progress.

It’s really important to compare your current performance with the previous data before you start comparing your progress with the competitors.

Even if you outranked your competitor at some point, this strategy will help you with maintaining a better position throughout the way.