Twitter Hashtag Analytics

It’s good to know that you’re using hashtags in your tweets to reach out to your targeted audience. But are you paying attention to Twitter Hashtags Analytics as well?

No matter how hard you’ve tried to find the relevant hashtags for your marketing campaign, it’s really important to keep an eye on whether these hashtags are performing according to your needs or not. And that can only happen if you’re regularly monitoring the Twitter Hashtag Analytics.

A few weeks ago, we created a post about the importance of Twitter hashtgs where we shared information about the best tools that can be helpful in this regard. We didn’t realize that we didn’t mention any free tool in that post.

However, we’ve received requests from readers who want to use the free tools before they could move to the paid ones. Therefore, we’ve created this post to share information about free tools people can use to monitor the performance of hashtags.

Who should use Free tools?

The free tools are recommended for users who don’t have a huge budget to promote their services on Twitter. In other words, the free tools are perfect for businesses that have recently started promoting their services on Twitter.

The reason why we say so is that the free tools don’t have those amazing features that are usually found in the paid ones. So, if you can afford to buy the membership, we’d recommend using the paid tools. However, if you don’t have enough money at the moment, there is nothing wrong with using the free tools as you can find some important features in free tools as well.

Best Twitter Hashtag Analytics tools

There are plenty of tools that claim to be the best for tracking Twitter Hashtag Analytics. That’s why it gets difficult for the new users to make an informed decision. However, we’ve created a list of best Twitter Hashtag Analytics tool the new users can use to monitor their performance on Twitter. So, let’s take a look at these tools.

Twitter Search

Don’t get it wrong. We aren’t talking about the search box that appears on the top of Twitter. We’re talking about the Advanced search feature of Twitter that allows you to monitor the performance of the hashtags in the real-time. With this tool, you can find the tweets that are post with a specific hashtag over a certain period of time.

It also helps with choosing the relevant keywords for your tweets. The best thing about Advanced search tools is that it allows you to explore the tweets of users who are targeting the similar industry.

You can use this tool without having to create an account. Simply, open the site and search for the hashtags you’re willing to track. This tool gives you a detailed report of how many times the hashtag is used over the past few months. The graphs make it easy for the users to explore the results. Moreover, it shows some suggestions based on your hashtag search.


This tool is also recommend for tracking Twitter hashtag analytics. However, it only shows you a limited number of tweets when you search for a keyword. If you need a detailed report, you’d have to purchase their monthly plan.